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Sculpture by Andre Bucher - Justice

Andre Bucher
Die Gerechtigkeit

Recent decisions and press releases available in English

Applications for Judicial Review Filed Against the ZDF State Treaty Successful for the Most Part
[ Press Release ]
Constitutional Complaints and Organstreit Proceedings Against European Stability Mechanism and Fiscal Compact Without Success
[ Press Release | Decision ]
Three-Percent Electoral Threshold in the Law Governing European Elections Unconstitutional Under the Current Legal and Factual Circumstances
[ Press Release ]
Principal Proceedings ESM/ECB: Pronouncement of the Judgment and Referral for a Preliminary Ruling to the Court of Justice of the European Union
[ Press Release | Decision ]
Judgment in the “Garzweiler Opencast Lignite Mine” Case: Legal Protection for Persons Affected by Expropriation and Resettlement Strengthened
[ Press Release ]
Constitutional Complaints Against the Right to Remuneration Adjustments in Copyright Law Unsuccessful
[ Press Release ]
Observation of Parliamentarians by the Office for the Protection of the Constitution is Subject to Strict Proportionality Requirements
[ Press Release ]
“In-State-Residents” (Landeskinder) Provision in Former Bremen Act on Study Accounts Unconstitutional
[ Press Release ]
Counter-Terrorism Database in its Fundamental Structures Compatible with the Basic Law, but not Regarding Specific Aspects of its Design
[ Press Release ]
“NSU Trial”: Application of a Turkish Newspaper for a Preliminary Injunction Successful in Part – Further Applications Unsuccessful
[ Press Release ]
Assessment of Contributions Only Permissible Within a Definite Period of Time
[ Press Release ]
Legal Regulation of Plea Bargaining is Constitutional – Informal Agreements are Impermissible
[ Press Release ]
Applications made by the NPD against Bundestag, Bundesrat and Federal Government unsuccessful
[ Press Release ]
Retrospective imposition of preventive detention following confinement in a psychiatric hospital is subject to strict prerequisites
[ Press Release ]
Non-admission of successive adoption by registered civil partners is unconstitutional
[ Press Release ]
Inadmissible application for constitutional review regarding parental benefits for holders of a residence permit according to section 104a AufenthG
[ Press Release ]
Applications for the issue of temporary injunctions to prevent the ratification of the ESM Treaty and the Fiscal Compact unsuccessful for the most part
[ Press Release | Decision ]
Unequal treatment of registered civil partnerships and marriage in the family allowance under civil service law unconstitutional
[ Press Release ]
Except where this would breach the duty to establish a distance between preventive detention and imprisonment sentences (Abstandsgebot), it is constitutional and in keeping with the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) for a sentencing court to reserve its right to order preventive detention at the time of sentencing
[ Press Release ]
Provisions governing basic cash benefits provided for in the Asylum Seekers Benefits Act held unconstitutional
[ Press Release | Decision ]
Constitutional complaints regarding delisting unsuccessful
[ Press Release ]
Notary’s constitutional complaint against instructions issued by the supervisory authority regarding the documentation of his notarial escrow services rejected
[ Press Release ]
Unsuccessful complaint challenging the Federal Constitutional Court justices being elected by the German Bundestag’s electoral committee
[ Press Release ]
Successful applications in Organstreit proceedings regarding the "ESM/Euro Plus Pact"
[ Press Release ]
Application for a review of the provision on pensions paid for the upbringing of children held inadmissible
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