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On its website, the Federal Constitutional Court has published English-language versions of selected decisions since 1998. They are intended for information purposes only; the sole authoritative versions are the German originals. Although translations were prepared with the utmost care, the Federal Constitutional Court is not responsible for their accuracy and completeness. They are anonymised and may have been abridged. If the original decision already contains abridged passages, which might be the case in the context of cited legal material, starting from 2015, those parts will be highlighted by parenthesis with an ellipsis (…), whereas parts abridged solely in the English language version will be marked by square brackets with an ellipsis […].

Information on the use of abbreviations by the Federal Constitutional Court, especially in the context of legal sources, can be found here.

Information on copyright is available here.  


Suggested form of citation: BVerfG, Order/Judgment of [the First/Second/Third Chamber] of the First/Second Senate of [Date] – file reference –, para. [x], www.bundesverfassungsgericht.de

An example:
BVerfG, Judgment of the Second Senate of 18 March 2014 – 2 BvR 1390/12–, paras. (1-245), https://www.bundesverfassungsgericht.de/SharedDocs/Entscheidungen/EN/2014/03/rs20140318_2bvr139012en.html

For a short form, please use the following suggestion.

An example:
BVerfG, 2 BvR 1390/12, 18 March 2014, para. 158, http://www.bverfg.de/e/rs20140318_2bvr139012en.html


Selected abstracts from the CODICES database (maintained by the Venice Commission) are also available.

If you refer to an abstract, please cite according to the following suggestion:

Abstract of the German Federal Constitutional Court’s [judgment/order] of [date], [file reference], [CODICES identification number].

An example:
Abstract of the German Federal Constitutional Court’s order of 20 June 2014, 1 BvR 980/13, [GER-2014-2-020]

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