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Dr. Sibylle Kessal-Wulf

Portrait of Dr. Sibylle Kessal-Wulf

Justice of the Second Senate

Born in Stadthagen (Schaumburg-Lippe) in 1958


from 1977Law studies at the University of Kiel
1982First State Examination in Law (Schleswig)
1985Second State Examination in Law (Hamburg)
1985Joined the judicial service of the Land Schleswig-Holstein (Kiel Regional Court (Landgericht), Flensburg Regional Court, Flensburg Local Court (Amtsgericht))
1991Was seconded to the Schleswig-Holstein Higher Regional Court (Oberlandesgericht) in Schleswig
1992Was appointed judge at the Higher Regional Court
1995Dr. iur. (Kiel); supervisor: Professor Dr. Dieter Reuter
2001Was appointed judge at the Federal Court of Justice (Bundesgerichtshof)
2011Was appointed presiding judge at the Federal Court of Justice
since December 2011Justice of the Federal Constitutional Court